For the submission of results to NORMAN ECOTOXICOLOGY DATABASE, the Data Collection Template (DCT) may be downloaded for use from here.

Instructions for the proper use of the DCTs

The DCT for collection of experimental and model-predicted PNECs (DCT_PNECs_Ecotoxicology…) contains several worksheets:
Note: It is strongly suggested to fill in all mandatory fields in order to facilitate the proper function of the database.
The DCT for collection of literature and regulatory PNECs (DCT_PNECs_Literature…) is designed to collect PNECs and EQSs derived at the institution, national, regional or EU level.
The filled in template should be submitted to with copy to for further processing and integration with NORMAN Database System.
Ecotoxicology PNECs DCT_PNECs_Ecotoxicology_PROJECT_ORGANISATION_COUNTRY_DDMMYY.xlsx Date: 2021-09-23 File size: 148 KB
Literature PNECs DCT_PNECs_Literature_PROJECT_ORGANISATION_COUNTRY_DDMMYY.xlsx Date: 2021-09-23 File size: 92 KB