Passive Sampling is based on free flow of analyte molecules from the sampled medium to a collecting medium as a result of a difference in chemical potentials. It can be used for the determination of both inorganic and organic compounds in a variety of matrices, including air, water and soil. At this stage, DCT consists of data from passive samplers and is focused on to bring the data from water (surface, ground, lake, sea......) and air.

DCT for Passive sampling is designed to:

How to submit data

For information and conditions for the inclusion of your data in the NORMAN databases, please contact Mr. Jaroslav SLOBODNIK.

To include data into the NORMAN database, DATA COLLECTION TEMPLATES (DCT) in excel was developed. These DCTs can be downloaded at

Large datasets, available in other then excel format can be uploaded as well, after communication with the NORMAN team – to check the structure of data, availability of obligatory information and to agree on the optimal way of the data transfer.