Ecotoxicology Database contains substances listed in the NORMAN substances with their Lowest PNEC, which were either predicted by QSAR or obtained experimentally. Experimental and predicted Lowest PNECs, which were voted by NORMAN ecotoxicology experts are addressed as 'verified'.

The Lowest PNECs are used primarily for the prioritisation purposes.

Most of the Lowest PNECs were derived for freshwater. Unless there is an experimental value for other matrices, the following calculations were used for derivation of the Lowest PNECs in:

No. of substances in the database:

The Ecotoxicology database consists of the following modules:

Ecotoxicology database is designed to:

How to submit data

For information and conditions for the inclusion of your data in the Ecotoxicology Database, please contact Mr. Jaroslav SLOBODNIK.

To include data into the NORMAN Database System, Excel-based DATA COLLECTION TEMPLATES (DCT) were developed. DCT for ecotoxicology data can be downloaded at

The completed DCTs should be sent to the NORMAN Database Development Team: with copy to, for further processing and upload to the web-database.

Large datasets, available in other then excel format can be uploaded as well, after communication with the NORMAN team – to check the structure of data, availability of obligatory information and to agree on the optimal way of the data transfer.