Since the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, wastewater research groups around the world have collecting influent wastewater samples to test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA. This time-critical activity is particularly challenging as many laboratories are still lock-down, reagents in short supply and, with no standard sampling protocol, analytical method or quality assurance/quality control procedures, samples are currently collected and analysed for viral RNA using a variety of methodologies. One approach to reducing uncertainty in developing national and international data sets is to develop a common protocol for sample collection, storage, extraction, analysis and data sharing which research groups can opt to use as – or alongside – their own protocols to support the development of an international comparable data set.

This voluntary initiative - developed as an opportunity for researchers to contribute to international efforts to tackle the Covid19 pandemic - is open to all and self-funded (i.e. at laboratories own cost).

Results submitted using the reporting template will be stored within the NORMAN database system (open access).

The SC2S database is designed to allow:

How to submit data

For information and conditions for the inclusion of your data in the NORMAN SCORE SC2S database, please contact Lian Lundy ( and Sara Castiglioni (

To include data into the NORMAN SCORE SC2S database, please use the DATA COLLECTION TEMPLATES (DCT) which can be downloaded at

The completed DCTs should be sent to the NORMAN SC2S Database Team: Popi Karaolia with copy to Martina Oswaldova, for further processing and upload to the web-database.